Humble Grumble Kombucha

Rare 100% certified organic

Made with certified organic SCOBY

(most are not made with certified organic SCOBY)

(7 customer reviews)

Product Description

Humble Grumble Kombucha

The Champagne of Kombuchas

Made with 100% certified organic SCOBY (most SCOBYs are not certified organic).

Lite, slightly carbonated, delectable taste with a smooth finish – spares you that vinegar sensation.

Raw, living probiotic benefit with long shelf life and extended “Best By” dates.

Unique among Kombuchas, combines added antioxidant benefits due to the carefully selected blends of certified organic botanicals.

Made with purified spring water using a propriety filtration process.  This proprietary process includes but is not limited to the treatment of both sound frequencies and crystal vibrations to return water to the natural state most compatible with the homeostasis of healthy human body rhythms.


(7 customer reviews)

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7 reviews for Humble Grumble Kombucha

  1. Misty Becher

    Smooth taste with a hint of cinnamon at the end. I have tried many Kombuchas and this by far is my favorite one! It doesn’t hit you with the vinegar taste upfront. There is a hint but it’s mild. I definitely recommend this for you to try if you have tried others and can’t drink them.

  2. Amy Dini

    I have been drinking this kombucha very regularly for about a year now and I could not be happier. It tastes amazing (not like vinegar at all) and you can get it with our without caffeine which I love! More than that though it has done a great deal of benefit to my autoimmune skin condition and I can without a doubt tell when I haven’t had had it for a bit! Tom and Dean are great too! Definitely give it a try!!

  3. Gary Queckboerner

    Well done on the kombucha!!! Great flavor, even better than the tea! And unique. No one else is going this direction in ingredients. 😉 This said, I’ve making my own for years!

  4. Brian Benedict

    I am new to Kombucha, but am a long time consumer of Tamurai teas. These drinks are interesting, with the familiar tea flavors and aromas easily detected in the drink, but combined with fizzy tastes reminiscent of soda and beer at times that made for an altogether different experience. It was a very interesting drink that was new and unexpected for me. I would try it again, but am more a fan of the ingredients in their loose leaf tea form.

  5. Ashley Alfeld

    This is my favorite Kombucha. The flavor is astounding. The lingering fruity taste is thirst quenching, which is not something I usually say. It is an excellent summer drink. I’m overall very satisfied with the quality, and the ingredients are a definite win in my book. Well done!

  6. Irene Ulbrich

    Great tasting kombucha, specially over ice!

  7. Zach Washler

    Excellent taste. Very drinkable. I found this one to be very agreeable. It didn’t upset my stomach at all like a lot of Kombuchas do to me. I will be getting more.

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