Humble Grumble Kombucha – Black

Humble Grumble Kombucha – “The Champagne of Kombuchas”.

Made with 100% certified organic SCOBY

(most SCOBYs are not certified organic).

(4 customer reviews)

Product Description

Our same foundation as Humble Grumble with the added kick of organic black tea.

Made with 100% certified organic SCOBY (most SCOBYs are not certified organic).

Lite, slightly carbonated, delectable taste with a smooth finish – spares you that vinegar sensation.

Raw, living probiotic benefit with long shelf life and extended “Best By” dates.

Unique among Kombuchas, combines added antioxidant benefits due to the carefully selected blends of certified organic botanicals.

Made with purified spring water using a propriety filtration process.  This proprietary process includes but is not limited to the treatment of both sound frequencies and crystal vibrations to return water to the natural state most compatible with the homeostasis of healthy human body rhythms.


(4 customer reviews)

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4 reviews for Humble Grumble Kombucha - Black

  1. Gabby Ball

    Fantastic kombucha! Absolutely loved drinking this as an alternative to my morning coffee! Great taste with a lot of flavor. Highly recommend!

  2. Brian Benedict

    I am new to Kombucha, but am a long time consumer of Tamurai teas. These drinks are interesting, with the familiar tea flavors and aromas easily detected in the drink, but combined with fizzy tastes reminiscent of soda and beer at times that made for an altogether different experience. It was a very interesting drink that was new and unexpected for me. I would try it again, but am more a fan of the ingredients in their loose leaf tea form.

  3. Andrea

    This is by far the best Kombucha I’ve ever tried. It’s bubbly and refreshing, and it’s perfect to mix with any meal. It doesn’t upset my stomach, so that’s a plus, and the low sugar content helps me save calories. Totally recommend it!

  4. Ashley Alfeld

    Great little pick me up, without the jitters!

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