The process our water goes through before it goes to you. ↓

Utilizes the Cleanest Water Man Can Make

In order to produce our Divine Living Kombucha, we send it through a few stages or steps.  First we start out with “cellular” Blueprint Water™ water, which is as clean as man can make it.  We start first with a four-stage treatment process that removes all physical pollutants from the water.   We then expose the water to “minerals of Mother Earth” through a vortices which will erase all remaining manmade frequencies and vibrations in the water.  The water now has a “totally clean slate” and is staged for “custom blueprinting” by Divine Living. The Divine Living  “custom blueprinting” process further imprints the water with Mother Earth’s own frequencies which match the natural harmonics of the human body’s major organs and operating systems.

Helps flush toxins and hydrate on a cellular level

As the Blueprint Water™  in Divine Living Kombucha is consumed, it opens the cellular structure of the body to help flush existing toxins from the cells and allow the cells to rehydrate and repair naturally.  Consumption of Blueprint Water will over time, help to return the body to its balanced natural state and repair cellular damage that has taken many years to create.  Most people reach their correct hydration level within eight to ten weeks of consuming Blueprint Waterä.  However, since each body will contain different pollutants, the actual hydration process may occur faster or take longer for each individual.

Sound Frequency Infused

We brew organic tea in this body-balancing water and infuse the tea with beneficially sound frequencies throughout the fermentation process (6 weeks). These harmonious frequencies soften the usual vinegary bite that other kombucha teas usually have. These frequencies also raise the harmonic vibration of the body to help the organs operate at their most efficient levels.

No Preservatives/chemicals

Divine Living Kombucha tea is handcrafted with only raw, organic ingredients in small batches for happier, healthier bodies. An age old technique is utilized to ferment parent cultures with beneficial bacteria and yeast for probiotic gut support. Studies have shown that raw fermented foods hand crafted the old fashion way, like we do, contain a broader range of digestive enzymes and probiotics. No chemicals are used to speed up the fermentation process.  No preservatives are added either.

Family operated, hand-made and love-filled

From the brewing process, to batching and bottling, there are no machines used. Everything is done by hand – filling, capping, labeling and tagging. Each bottle is filled by the Stevens family members and surrounded by the love of family, dedication and the desire to heal.  Just as our kombucha and our fermented products helped heal major health issues and saved our family.

Dark bottle ensures probiotics are STILL alive

The Stevens family hand fills each bottle in a dark glass bottle in order to keep the healthy bacteria and yeast from dying before people consume it, as light exposure can damage certain bacteria.